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The Atmos Project
Type: Campaign Setting
Status: Slow
Last Updated:

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Tales of Agros
Type: Book/Game
Status: On Hold
Last Updated:

Story of Five Friends
Type: Book/Game
Status: On Hold
Needs A Better Name
Last Updated:

Brotherhood of Justice
Type: Short Story Series
Status: 1 Complete!
Last Updated:

Game Development
Status: No Development
Latest: Atom Blaster

Co-operative Projects:
One on One
Type: Video Series
Status: Complete!

Sockz I
Type: Movie
Status: Complete!

Guardian Devils
Type: Movie
Status: Complete!

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Game Development

Game Maker is finally registered; I can now publish the games
I create with the program. Currently there is only a program
which I created in order to better learn the Game maker
program itself.

Finished projects:
  • Test program: Atom Blaster
             Click the atom as
             many times as you

             Note: I do not take credit for the sprites, sounds,
             or music contained in this game only the assembly of
             the game itself.