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The Atmos Project
Type: Campaign Setting
Status: Slow
Last Updated:

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Tales of Agros
Type: Book/Game
Status: On Hold
Last Updated:

Story of Five Friends
Type: Book/Game
Status: On Hold
Needs A Better Name
Last Updated:

Brotherhood of Justice
Type: Short Story Series
Status: 1 Complete!
Last Updated:

Game Development
Status: No Development
Latest: Atom Blaster

Co-operative Projects:
One on One
Type: Video Series
Status: Complete!

Sockz I
Type: Movie
Status: Complete!

Guardian Devils
Type: Movie
Status: Complete!

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Aaron Anderson

Aaron Anderson
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Birthday: 1984-07-31
Hometown: Kissimmee, FL
Current Home: Clyde, NC
Occupation: Field Tech, New Meridian Technologies

About me: I was born and raised (mostly) in Kissimmee, Florida but recently (2010) moved to Canton, NC. I have always loved the mountains.

Current InsanFX Projects: Atmos Project, Agros Series, Story of Five Friends, Brotherhood of Justice

InsanFX History: InsanFX Studios was started back in May of 2000. I used to want to create video games and so I would stay up at night and write down ideas I had for games. It wasn't until almost 2001 that I actually decided to put my things under a name; I called myself GraphX at the time but after finding out the company already existed I changed the name. After talking with a friend, who was working with me at the time, the name settled on InsanFX. Fall of 2002 I decided against going into gaming but still continued writing and at this time helping my friend David Glancy make movies. Due to the wide spectrum of things I put under InsanFX I started calling it InsanFX Studios.

Favorite Band: Thousand Foot Krutch

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